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Types Of Scrap Metal That We Buy

We buy and remove a wide range of materials, see below for more information or if in doubt
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Often found in construction, electrical goods, and transportation.
Often used for plumbing, tools, and household fittings such as locks, handles, railings, and electrical plugs/sockets.
Stainless Steel
Stainless steel is often used in whitegoods, construction, and transportation.
Often used in old plumbing and wiring.
Car parts that are often needing to be replaced.
Frequently used in batteries, and old construction.
Alloy Rims
Tire rims, taken from old vehicles.
Electric Motors
Old motors from cars that are no longer operating or have been replaced/upgraded.


Aluminium is a soft metal that is often used in electrical goods, for building construction, and in vehicles. Because of its versatility it is a popular material that is used often, meaning we at SGS Metal Alloys receive a lot of it!

Aluminium can be removed, so it is important to bring it in to a scrap company to reduce the strain put on our environment as we mine the raw materials! 


Copper is often used for wiring purposes in electronics, buildings, and vehicles. It also used to (and still does) make a popular material for plumbing pipes and fittings.

Copper is highly sought after for removal, and will often fetch a high price. So bring your copper in to our team at SGS metal alloys for some quick and easy money!


Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a widely popular material and is often used in construction, kitchenwares, whitegoods/appliances, and in vehicles.

Items such as fridges or ovens can be scraped, and many people do not realise. Items such as these are a wonderful thing to remove as often they get left to sit and deteriorate after they break or are replaced.


Car rims can be removed, and it can be a great way to save some money towards new rims if you are replacing the current rims on your car!

Rims often are also given to us after they have been damaged, eg bent.



Removing lead containing products properly is incredibly important! Items such as batteries contain lead, and when not disposed of properly they can leech harmful and toxic chemicals into the environment.

Taking your old lead and batteries to a professional scrap company is a great way to ensure you are doing your part for the environment and disposing of them properly. This also reduces the amound of lead manufacturing that is needed if it can be removed.


Brass is often found in household fittings such as handles, locks, electrical fittings, plumbing, and in tools. Brass is in high demand, so removing it is a great idea.

Recycling brass is less energy intensive and has a lower environmental impact than many other metals, making it a great material to reuse.



If you have old radiators laying around, scrapping them is a great option. Radiators are often made of many different materials. A knowledgable team such as ours knows how to separate these materials and ensure it is being removed as efficiently as possible.

Some radiators contain copper which can be worth quite a bit, so it is worth scrapping them as a way to earn a little extra money on something that was previously gathering dust!

Electric Motor

Some people choose to replace or upgrade their car motors, or are left with a car that is no longer functions due to age or damage. Regardless, often they are left with old motors that are taking up space and no longer have any benefit to them.

Scraping these motors is a great option, not only do you no longer have to deal with it taking up space – but it is also a great way to earn some money. Additionally, the materials removed from old motors mean less new metal needs to be manufactured and processed – which is much better for the environment!


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